DataMa Compare Tableau template above allows you to visualize the output in Tableau.

This could be done following 3 main steps:


  1. Extract your data via DataMa Compare interface, (or use the R code with the compare_DataViz_source function – for people using the R package)
    • Click on the drop-down arrow to display the admin menu
    • Click on « Extract»
    • Select « Tableau »
    • Click on « Data Source» >> Your extract is downloaded.

  1. Download the Tableau Template especially made for DataMa outputs here
  2. Switch the source in Tableau with the data generated by DataMa Compare: Follow the steps below in your Tableau software solution




Just switch the source to the source generated by DataMa Compare, either downloading it through the Shiny Web app (see detailed explanations here) or using the R code with the compare_DataViz_source function