Display options


Display options (for Shiny app)

  • Text size : text size of the waterfall graph (by default at 12)
  • Contextual help precision: Out of 10, this ladder allows to adapt the level of detail available in the contextual help (executive summary, info bubble,…). By default the contextual help is at 5.
  • Contextual help: Display executive summary and contextual worded sentences in help tooltips of charts. Swith off to avoid contextual help in the interface
  • Print version: allow to read Shiny chart of segment performance without hovering on it
  • Output unit (output_unit): the unit of the overall KPI you’re following. By default it is set to « € » for « Revenue »
  • Dimension excluded from Summary View (Dimension_filter_SimplifiedView) : A dimension you don’t want to consider within summary view, for some reason. The dimension is kept in the calculation but just don’t appear in graphs
  • Label Bridges: Choose whether you want to display numbers on watefall or not