Save as…


in Admin menu, by clicking « Save as… » you can acces the save menu.

  • Saving Name: name of the use case
  • Set as default when opening […]: this use case will be loaded at the opening of DataMa COMPARE
  • Keep info on your saving : the information text will appear when loading the use case. It could be useful for multiple users connect with the same account.
  • Dynamic saving of Start & End: If selected DataMa will consider Start & End as a dynamic input and will automatically update the data and try to maintain the gap between Start & End. As for example, if Start is week 4 and End is week 6, when opening DataMa 2 weeks later, the Start will be week 6 and End will be week 8.
  • Use decreasing order: This function is linked to dynamic saving, when you Start & End dimension are numbers DataMa will consider them in decreasing order or increasing order depending on the selection of this checkbox


Good to know

  • in a normal DataMa License you can save up to 10 use cases.
  • if you’ve reached the max amount of use case, you can remove some of them in the « Manage Version » menu