DataMa Pivot

DataMa Pivot

DataMa PIVOT is a data analysis tool that allows you quickly analyze your dataset to understand the importance of your dimensions on your performance, and the correlations between your dimensions.


>> With DataMa PIVOT, you can simplify your analysis by identifying among your many dimensions those that really have an impact on your performance:

  • Comparison of the weight of the dimensions
  • Analysis of correlations between dimensions
  • Clustering of continuous dimensions
  • Identification of interdependencies between dimensions
  • Identification of optimal dimensions
  • And many other features


DataMa PIVOT is a dataset analysis tool that allows you to identify and understand the dimensions that have the greatest impact on the performance indicator you want to track

This documentation gives you an overview of how it works and how to use it.




You will optimize the preparation of your data analysis

  • Better understanding of your dataset: « In order to track my revenue per user, I mainly need to analyze my customer segment and the location of the points of sale. There is a strong correlation between the weather and the choice of products « 
  • Simplification of your dataset: « I only have 3 dimensions out of the 15 that I have in my dataset that really have an impact on my performance »
  • Saves time in your analysis and its restitution: « My users from 0 to 20 years old are now gathered in the same bucket by comparing their purchasing behavior »


Follow this link, to get downlaod a presentation of DataMa PIVOT.

Hope you enjoy it.


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