Main output of DataMa PIVOT is a dashboard that helps to identify the importance of your dimensions, hence defining the actions to take in order to improve that KPI.
By default, this dashboard is provided through R Shiny which allows you to play with the model parameters & inputs on the fly, but it can fit also with most dashboarding softwares (Tableau, PowerBi, etc…)

Please read DataMa Pivot Shiny Web App section for more details on the interactive dashboard.


Under the woods:

DataMa Solutions are essentially a R package, embedded in a Shiny web application.

The straightest way of using DataMa Pivot therefore is to use the DataMa Pivot Shiny Web App , either hosted on our servers (solutions.datama.fr) or on premise.
Note that deployment on premise is simplified by the use of Docker, and ShinyProxy.

However, you could also use DataMa Pivot R package as a brick within a data flow that performs the task on the defined inputs and renders a flat file that can be consumed by other applications, in particular visualisation software, such as Tableau. In that sense, DataMa Compare works well as a step of data science platforms like DataIku or Alteryx.