Tableau extension

Using DataMa Solutions as a Tableau extension is a great way to make your tableau report more insightful with the benefits of both DataMa and Tableau.

DataMa will basically use the Tableau Extension API to get data from your workbook, and analyse it there. Below exemple is a good overview.


You can learn more about tableau dashboard extension here

To use DataMa as a tableau dahsboard extension,

    • Download the extension manifest file here, you should get a .trex file. Save it somewhere safe
    • In Tableau desktop, add DataMa as a dashboard extension (see also Tableau documentation here)
      • In a Tableau workbook, open a dashboard sheet.
      • From the Objects section, drag Extension to the dashboard.
      • In the “Choose an Extension” dialog box, do either of the following, click My Extensions, and navigate to a .trex file you previously downloaded.
      • DataMa doesn’t need to access the underlying data of your workbook, so there is no security risk. If prompted, just validate the access. For more information, see Data security, Network-enabled, and Sandboxed extensions.
    • You should have the SaaS version of DataMa now displayed within your Tableau dashboard



    • Login to DataMa, and navigate to the model you need (Compare, Pivot, Impact etc)
    • Once on the web app if launched, click on « Admin > Change Source » and in the extension section, click on « Tableau »
    • Select the Tableau worksheet you want to connect to. This worksheet should contain Dimension and metrics as for DataMa sources in general (see here)
    • Then follow usual steps to create a new analysis in DataMa
      Cautious: the dimensions and metrics are loaded in alphabetical order, not the order you’re displaying them onto your worksheet, so you might want to define properly your steps by un-ticking the box « My source is in line with DataMa standards »
    • You can save your use case as usual in DataMa, and reload it in the same Tableau environment (but you won’t be able to open it outside of Tableau, since DataMa is only able to get data from Tableau when used as an extension)
    • Once saved, you can also use the refresh icon (next to the « loaded version »)